Song Premiere | Civil Rebellion, “Class of ’22”

Noah Wossene studied the artists and bands before him and discovered their mighty splendor.  The freedom of just going out and just performing without any restrictions spoke to him in ways that many have become lethargic.  Seeing that the spirit of being uninhibited onstage and having a playful connection with the audience became Wossene’s calling with forming his band Civil Rebellion.

Coming off the upcoming release Dear Diary… A Pop Punk Anthem!, Civil Rebellion has dropped an end-of-year anthem today, “Class of ’22.” Instrumentally the single channels the joy of walking out of the club exhausted, your cheeks aching from smiling so broadly.  Ahh yes…europhia at its purest form.  “This melodic rock anthem was a shock for me to write and put out to the world. Telling the stories of your friends and having to say goodbye (displayed through the full vocals and instrumentals) I’m not concerned that you won’t find yourself looking back in time at a memory that might have seemed lost,” Wossene says of “Class of ’22.”

A song built from the years of memories from the journey so many are eager to finish since the start, “Class of ‘22” was one of the first songs that instigated a major shift in Wossene. “I’m a pretty closed-off individual. I don’t really share these types of emotions with anyone; nonetheless the world” he explains. “Yet, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the process of making music, it’s that the story I might be telling isn’t just mine. This song is for everyone and anyone. You’re free to belt these lyrics in happiness, sadness or even anger.”

Photo Courtesy: Solomon Wossene