Song Premiere | Cindy Sterling, “Kids Back Then”

As she looked out the window of her Uber driver’s vehicle heading home, Cindy Sterling was taking in the evening’s festivities with her girlfriends.  It was then at the same time the driver passed by her ex-fling Ben Harkham’s dad’s Luxe Hotel located in Beverly Hills. A tidal wave of nostalgia swept through Sterling which primarily included vivid memories the two shared during their summer fling when they were young.

Released today Sterling’s new single “Kids Back Then” – which can be found on the musician’s debut album Roxbury Romance – dives deep into those reacquainted feelings of longing, guilt, anxiety, and depression in wanting more from a relationship that started off magnetic but later fizzled out. “Kids Back Then” in many ways became a catalyst in the process of putting together Roxbury Romance as the other tracks are chapters of her life which include her romantic relationships in Beverly Hills near Roxbury Drive.

Sterling’s goal with her cathartic single “Kids Back Then” was to create a soundscape that brings listeners back to their youth and evokes a sense of nostalgia. Sterling accomplished this goal with her authentic and intimate vocals, punchy drums, and emotive guitars that take listeners on a journey back in time.

Born and Raised in Los Angeles, CA, to divorced parents, Sterling found comfort in listening to music and discovering new artists as a way to cope with feelings she did not know how to speak about. Through this comfort she began songwriting, playing guitar and piano, and singing. While Sterling also grew up acting, her biggest passion has always been to create & distribute music. With influence from artists such as Taylor Swift, Clairo, and Girl in Red, Sterling is creating an indie pop sound for herself like nothing ever heard before.