Carol C Announces Solo Album 'Seven', Shares Single "All My Love"

The title for the upcoming debut from New York City’s own Carol C holds so much meaning.  Out July 12th via Si*Sé Records, Seven marks the number of years that the singer/songwriter took to fully encapsulate the recent journey that her life has been taking her on.  For starters, Carol was a member of Si*Sé, which toured with the likes of Kraftwerk, Arcade Fire, Gotan Project, Norah Jones, The Roots, and James Brown.  As for her solo efforts, Carol signed onto the David Byrne’s label Luaka Bop.  The opportunity to tour with the ex-Talking Heads lead capped off the whirlwind timespan. 

Working closely with producer Justin Filmer (Liquid Agents) on the writing process, Carol created a space that the songs could be fluid and ethereal within Seven.  The chemistry between the duo comes in full bloom in the first single off the new album, “All My Love.”  Penned in just fifteen minutes, Carol’s vocals are sensual and warm which in turn paints a lusciousness tone within the lyrics.   As for Filmer, he instrumentally installs a backdrop that is gritty and electronically driven.  Overall, “All My Love” is a track that elevates a coolness all throughout the track.