Song Premiere | BEYRIES, “Valhalla Dancer”

Finding yourself immersed in the richness of BEYRIES is the equivalent of watching a beautiful dancer. The elegance and grace presented with the two display an effortless and sophisticated picture within the French-Canadian singers’ storytelling.

Today BEYRIES has shared her enchanting ballad “Valhalla Dancer.” The single (coming from the Encounter album sessions) features expansive lyrics that dive deep into the spirit of the meaning of death and the afterlife; the lyrics explore the possibility of an alternative to the narrative of impending doom. With this song, BEYRIES asks herself: “What if death was the most beautiful moment of our life after all?” 

The video accompanying “Valhalla Dancer” offers an intimate backdrop with BEYRIES sitting alone, playing the piano. The only source of light is the soft glow that hovers directly on the singer.

In a few short years, BEYRIES went from having never performed live to playing over 150 concerts worldwide and connecting with fans in Istanbul, London, Paris, Los Angeles, and most recently a headlining appearance at the Montreal Jazz Fest 2021 last month. Earlier this year, she released a moving, stripped-down cover of the Bee Gees’ “To Love Somebody,” which was featured in a recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy

Photo: ville de pluie