Song Premiere: Mitch Mitchell's Terrifying Experience "Hot Action!"

Mitch Mitchell blew out speakers and eardrums when the “classic lineup” of Guided by Voices reunited in 2010 for a great four years and six albums. But nothing’s constant and just as out of the blue as the reunion had seemed at first, so did its ending.
Of course Bob’s got a new lineup of Guided by Voices, out playing his great self-penned and performed Please Be Honest, but now there’s good news for fans who like their rock n’ roll performed with a carelessly ever-present cigarette: Mitch Mitchell’s Terrifying Experience is back!
His first album since 2000, debuted here is “Hot Action!” from the album, Mother Angelina – out June 1.

No dates have been announced yet, but stay tuned to the Terrifying Experience‘s page for possible future announcements.