Son Lux Share Singles “Live Another Life” & “Live Another Life (Heal For Me) [Feat. Nappy Nina],” Announce New Album

Son Lux announce Tomorrows II (City Slang), the second album in a far-reaching three-volume body of work. This second volume sees a more introspective, stripped back facet to the Tomorrows body of work and drops December 4th, with physical editions of all three volumes to be released together in 2021.

As Tomorrows II opens, the listener joins an album already unfolding. The music provides an appropriate parallel for the sustained cacophony of the present moment, advancing a friction that reveals the strange in the familiar and the familiar in the strange. While this carefully crafted inversion acclimatizes the ear to tension, the steadily hardening exterior fractures at unlikely moments, revealing a strikingly visceral, emotional core. The process of creating Tomorrows is iterative in nature, with the lyrical content and music continually adapting and responding to one another and the shifting landscape of the moment.

In anticipation of the new release, the trio shares two tracks – the album’s lead single “Live Another Life” and an accompanying remix by NYC producer Nappy Nina entitled “Live Another Life (Heal For Me)”.

“Live Another Life” deals with the tension of control and how identities can be bound together in relationships. A simmering percussive loop sets the stage for Lott’s threadbare entrance: “I’m done asking you to be healed for me, I’m done asking you to heel to me.” As the music approaches a boil, bursts of a smeared, hashy choir undergird Lott’s lyrics as a flurry of drums snaps the song into an urgent tumble.

The counter-part remix “Live Another Life (Heal For Me)” trades the tactile percussive sounds of the original version for an unstable swirling haze of guitar-generated textures, grounded by heavy, mangled 808 kicks and gut-punch snares. Nappy Nina deftly delivers angular cadences on her two verses, diving deep into the nuances of a fraying relationship, reflecting: “we forage and make-believe, force a forest with made up leaves.”