Son Lux Share Single “Vacancy” Feat. Kiah Victoria

Born of an active, intentional approach to shaping sound, the music of Son Lux’s multi-album  Tomorrows project reminds us of the necessity of questioning assumptions, and of sitting with the tension. Tomorrows III, the latest edition of the broad-scoped three-volume project, is set for an April 16th release via City Slang and can be pre-ordered here. The deluxe physical edition of the Tomorrows series will be released July 30th on City Slang.

Out today, “Vacancy” is the second single from the forthcoming final volume. A flurry of muted piano layers settle into a watery ostinato that forms the undercurrent of a lulling song of concession. Vocalist Kiah Victoria is featured in a duet with the band’s singer, Ryan Lott. Shimmering, shuddering sounds operate in call and response with the pair, as drummer Ian Chang maintains a steady whisper of percussion with pieces of furniture and fabric. 

Like its mood, the song is open-handed: “If I can’t give you what you need, I’ll make the vacancy.” Giving way to a simmering bassline from guitarist Rafiq Bhatia, the music assumes a new trajectory in its closing moments. A potent question lingers in refrain: “Can I love you more just by leaving?”

Ryan Lott, Rafiq Bhatia, and Ian Chang train their sights on volatile principles: imbalance, disruption, collision, redefinition. But for all of its instability, Tomorrows’ exploration of breaking points and sustained frictional places is ultimately in service of something rewarding and necessary: the act of questioning, challenging, tearing down, and actively rebuilding one’s own identity.