Smoota Releases New Single "Ballbuster"

Smoota, the singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who makes love songs about sex and sex songs about love,” releases his latest single, “Ballbuster.” From his new album PHEROMONES, “Ballbuster” is a love song using S&M imagery and the double entendre of the word ballbuster. This song is emblematic of one of the cores of Smoota’s philosophy: we should celebrate all kinds of loving relationships, no matter how outside of the mainstream. “I am not an S&M practitioner myself, but I have many friends who are. When S&M is portrayed in movies and books it is usually a punchline or depicted as extreme. I wanted to write a song that portrays S&M in a sweeter light, as something no different than any other type of relationship. An accompanying music video will follow later this fall.”