Small Wars Share “Fairlane” Single

Knoxville, Tennessee punk rockers Small Wars released a new single, “Fairlane,” which will be included on an upcoming 2025 for Fair Vaux.

Here’s what the band has to say about their new single:

“We’ve always joked amongst ourselves that the songs we write are ‘narrative rock.’ There’s always some story being told. Not that this would in any way make our approach to writing exceptional because stories, and especially the sharing of them, has been a binding force of human experience. The stories we tell reveal a lot about how we perceive our own lived experience and our place in the world.

“‘Fairlane,’ to this point, is really one of our most introspective songs lyrically. The song is really a story about our collective memory, coming of age’ and experiencing the freedom of driving the state highways and backroads that run throughout, and around, our hometowns. Weekly pilgrimages with as many friends as we could pack into the car, in this case a Fairlane owned by one of our grandfathers, to as many record stores as possible. In some respect, this wasn’t just what we did, it became who we were, and still are. Music defined our community, and to paraphrase Craig Finn, the sing-along songs became our scriptures. The song isn’t really about any type of longing for days gone by. It’s a reference to the moments and memories that continue to help us experience hope and belonging in all that noise.”

Photo courtesy of Small Wars.