Sean Rowe Centers Attention On Relationship Struggles With “Little Death”

Internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter Sean Rowe has released “Little Death,” the latest from his forthcoming LP The Darkness Dressed In Colored Lights, due out on October 8th via Fluff & Gravy Records. “The dissolving of a relationship can be an internal kind of Mad Max, apocalyptic struggle with your brain who seems to be at odds with you. I do think it’s a universally interesting and scary time and worth writing about,” says Rowe, and adds that “Little Death” is about “that strange elation that comes at the end of a long journey with another soul. I originally wrote the song on guitar but while working out the parts in the studio, Ben Lester came up with that signature piano line which stood out to me like the piano in werewolves of London,” he adds. “Not that it sounds like that part but just in the way that you can’t imagine that song without Zevon’s piano line in it!” “Little Death” follows lead single “To Make It Real,” which, as Holler said, “looks at the aftermath of heartbreak, when the reality of a relationship’s end sets in.” “Lyrically — this is for me — a kind of recurring theme that I find in many of my songs,” Rowe explained. “Which is to say that I’m alluding to the duality that I feel is in all of us. All the hidden parts and all the guts that spill out when we’re faced with tragedy, adversity, or a broken heart.”

The Darkness Dressed In Colored Lights was forged in the fires of self-discovery and acceptance and is the result of work Rowe’s been doing to build a fitter, happier version of himself. He credits therapy and a guided ayahuasca retreat with helping him to reach this understanding. Over the course of an intense weekend, he had experiences that stripped away his anger and defenses and brought him to a place of intense beauty and peace–he realized we create the heaven and the hell that swirls in our heads, and we have to choose in which of those dimensions we want to reside. This album is ripe with both.

The Darkness Dressed in Colored Lights will be released on CD and double-vinyl, as well as available on all streaming services on October 8th.  Click HERE to pre-order.

Photo Courtesy: Joe Navas