Double Feature: McDougall and Harmed Brothers cover each other

Friends and contemporaries in the Americana music world, McDougall and Harmed Brothers, who have played numerous shows together, have teamed up to re-imagine and re-record each other’s songs.  Spending a day in the studio together, each outfit chose a song by the other, and got to work on re-imagining it in their style.
McDougall chose his favorite Harmed Brothers tune to cover, “Quick, Quick,” while Harmed Brothers chose one of McDougall’s oldest songs, a live favorite titled “Travelin’ Shoes.”  Handling lead vocals on the song they chose by the other, they then got to work on the song, with everyone playing on both songs.
Of the sessions, McDougall states, “We had such a great time in the studio working on these.  It felt great to be collaborating with friends.  We both thought it would be fun for each of us to choose one of the other’s old songs and kind of make it our own, then come together to flesh them out in the studio.  I chose ‘Quick, Quick,’ because that song has struck a chord with me since the first time I heard it.  It really gets to me.  The Harmed Brothers were originally thinking of doing a tune of mine called ‘Ones And Twos,’ but then heard ‘Travelin’ Shoes’ when I recently played a show with them and decided it was a better fit for their style.  I love what they did with it.”

The Harmed Brothers are currently on tour and have a new album coming out next month on Portland, Oregon indie label Fluff & Gravy Records.
McDougall is currently gigging throughout the Northwest, supporting his latest release, Reaching For Some Light, while also working on a series of singles, which will eventually become his next release.
Catch McDougall live here:
3/24/17 – Pickled Fish @ Adrift Hotel – Long Beach, WA
3/25/17 – Pickled Fish @ Adrift Hotel – Long Beach, WA
3/29/17 – Wild Hare Saloon – Oregon City, OR
3/31/17 – Anderson School – Bothell, WA
4/01/17 – Rock Creek Tavern – Hillsboro, OR
4/07/17 – Bitter Monk – McMinnville, OR
4/08/17 – Loowit Brewing – Vancouver, WA
4/14/17 – Lagunitas Brewing Co. – Seattle, WA
4/15/17 – Bindlestick – Snoqualmie, WA
4/21/17 – Vagabond Brewing – Salem, OR
4/22/17 – Grand Lodge – Forest Grove, OR
4/26/17 – Wild Hare – Oregon City, OR
4/28/17 – Rivertap – The Dalles, OR
4/29/17 – Hotel Oregon – McMinnville, OR
5/04/17 – The Riverside – Maupin, OR
5/05/17 – Volcanic Theater – Bend, OR
5/06/17 – Rivertap – The Dalles, OR
5/12/17 – Victory Club – Salem, OR
5/13/17 – Edgefield – Troutdale, OR
5/19/17  – Everybody’s Brewing – White Salmon, WA
5/26/17 – Vagabond Brewing – Salem, OR
6/10/17 – Grand Lodge – Forest Grove, OR
6/22/17 – The Riverside – Maupin, OR
6/24/17 – Rivertap – The Dalles, OR
6/30/17 – Sand Trap – Gearhart, OR
7/06/17 – Anderson School – Bothell, WA
7/27/17 – Kennedy School – Portland, OR
7/30/17 – Al’s Den – Portland, OR
7/31/17 – Al’s Den – Portland, OR
8/01/17 – Al’s Den – Portland, OR
8/02/17 – Al’s Den – Portland, OR
8/03/17 – Al’s Den – Portland, OR
8/04/17 – Al’s Den – Portland, OR
8/05/17 – Al’s Den – Portland, OR
8/11/17 – Anderson School – Bothell, WA
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