Sam Prekop Shares “Circle Line”

Following the recent announcement of his new album Comma (Thrill Jockey), arriving July 10th, Sam Prekop has shared the new single  “Circle Line. The track evokes the relentless forwarded motion of commuter routine, traversing futuristic cityscapes illuminated in glistening neon as Prekop focusing his prismic synthesizer loops around a newfound rhythmic pulse.

On writing the track, he elaborates: “‘Circle Line’ was the first piece written after having my Roland Juno 106 repaired, which had been out of service for years. Being a polyphonic synth, which the modular is not, it made for quite a different approach here. The predominant element is the rhythmic chord foundation, which all of the other elements are directly responding to. Another differentiation from the other pieces on the record is that there are three key changes that in my mind make the piece feel like a miniature suite. I wanted the piece to feel quite sparse and open. The “solo” voices are mostly atonal and gestural, until the end where the sequenced line carefully follows the key changes.”