Rid Of Me Shares “I’m So Lonesome I Could Die”

Philadelphia’s Rid Of Me made a noisy splash with its debut full-length offering Traveling, back in 2021 and returns this year with the sophomore release Access To the Lonely (Knife Hits), set to be released Friday, November 3, 2023. The band, the once-core trio of Itarya Rosenberg, Mike McGinnis & Mike Howard, now a quartet again with longtime friend &, co-conspirator Jon DeHart on second guitar is set to light the world on fire.

The band shares the second single off the album, “I’m So Lonesome I Could Die,” with a lyrical video and images of a masked Rosenberg.  Kevin Whitley of iconic Austin psych noise rock progenitors CHERUBS gives us all a deeper look into Rid Of Me with a description that’s apropos:
“Rid of Me is a rock band, perhaps a noise rock band, from Philly. You might guess they’re from Philly in a few tries… but when Mike Howard (drums) opens his mouth, you know. McGinnis and DeHart (guitars) can get you close, but with Howard you know. Philly is like an older brother (in this toddler of a country) protecting the younger siblings from the bullies – with a weary efficiency born of having slogged through all the bullshit first. Their Brotherly Love thing is real… as real as the Brotherly Punch In The Mouth. Their rock thing is very direct – not much mincing about. The song ‘Rid of Me’ starts… waltzing unadorned. The care is raw, and makes you feel a bit exposed… It’s a relief to be hit in the face when the chorus rolls up (when Itarya (vocals, bass) eats your heart). Thank you for hitting us in the face, because the sweet stuff was harder to deal with… and on it goes through ‘Access To The Lonely’ – Rid of Me’s second full-length release. These songs know they’re not letting you off the hook, because Rid of Me doesn’t let itself off the hook. Cut, Hell Of It and Libertarian Noise Rock are certainly not letting anybody catch a break… and by the time The Weekend rolls around, you’ll be thankful for any salve you can get. Someone in the audience said, ‘Damn, this is straight-the-fuck-up ROCK… where you been, friend?’. Every song is fed, watered, and cared for as if hard rock were still a real thing – and it’s nice to know it still is. Thx Rid of Me. Thx Philly.”