Rich Jones Shares New Single “Dreaming (feat. Nnamdi Ogbonnaya)"

Unassuming Chicago artist, rapper, musician Rich Jones announces the release of his new album The Shoulder You Lean On dropping November 2nd. In anticipation of the release, Jones shares the new single “Dreaming (feat. Nnamdi Ogbonnaya),” with its soothing beat, heady lyricism, and shadowy backdrop.  The album is produced by Kenny Keys, one of Chicago’s best-kept secrets, and J. Kelr.
“I remember hearing the beat and falling in love with it instantly,” says Jones. “It enamored me due to its melancholic but determined vibe, the perfect soundtrack for catharsis. I initially only laid down my parts and sat on it for a second to decide if I wanted to write a second verse. The more I listened back, it was obvious I needed a wizard to bring some extra magic to the table so of course, I called up Nnamdi. It took a while due to our busy schedules to finally lock it down but I was not disappointed when I showed up to his house when the day finally came. After talking themes for a while, he set to work writing and recording his verse. I can safely say he really brought this one home for me.”