Rich Jones & Montana Macks Share “How Do You Sleep At Night?”

Rich Jones and producer Montana Macks, both Chicago-based artists and community figures, will release their new album, How do you sleep at night? on October 30th. Today, they release its title track, following lead single “Groceries” (with Mykele Deville). Jones ruminates on today’s present social climate over loose percussion. The chorus flows with subtle brass, asking a question that Jones often pondered as this year brought more bad news heaped upon bad news, and few answers on how to turn it around: “How do you sleep at night?

“I wrote this song in the days following some friends and others being injured by the CPD at a rally downtown [Chicago],” Jones says. “While this wasn’t the first time this had happened last summer, it especially pissed me off following weeks of listening to our mayor bald-faced lie again and again about how these officers had shown professionalism and restraint. What happened to my friends isn’t my story to tell but I’ll just say that restraint and professionalism are not the words I would use in the slightest. Throw in several months’ worth of being bombarded with disinformation regarding the pandemic and our futures via leadership in D.C. and I hope you’d understand why I felt and still feel pressed! It’s made me thoroughly question the motives and consciences of those we’ve elected to work for US. How come it’s so easy to get in front of a mic and lie day in and day out? How do you sit with yourself? How do you sleep at night? Unfortunately, I fear they do so far too soundly.”