Rexx Life Raj Drops Latest Single “Optimistic”

Rexx Life Raj shares his latest track: “Optimistic (ft. D Smoke).” This special collaboration highlights EMPIRE’s new compilation release and call to action featuring some of today’s leading musical trailblazers across rap and R&B (Lloyd, Renz, Mozzy, PJ Morton and more): EMPIRE Presents: Voices For Change Vol. 1, out yesterday. “Optimistic” is another demonstration of Raj’s quick wordplay and his ability to fly and float around a simple beat. This time, he’s joined by D Smoke, who complements the Bay Area rapper with a different speed of thoughtfulness. 

Here’s Raj on the track: “I believe in utilizing my platform to support causes that strive for positive change and growth. When my Empire family asked me to contribute my artistry to be a part of this project, I knew ‘Optimistic’ would be a perfect addition of hope and encouragement. I’m honored to be aligned with such a meaningful project and in the company of my peers and colleagues who all believe in supporting something larger than ourselves.”

Voices For Change Vol. 1 is a comprehensive collection of works from a varied and diverse roster of artists spanning genres (Rap, R&B, Latin, Country) and geographic regions (US, UK, Latin America, Middle East, Asia) using their voice to speak truth to power on issues of social injustice. Each artist speaks directly from their own experiences, shedding light on issues specific to their own unique cultures and communities. 

Every aspect of the creative process has been provided gratis — from the producers of the songs to the artists who recorded them, the engineers who mixed and mastered the project, and the creatives who designed every piece of art & visuals. Profits from the royalties on Voices For Change Vol. 1 will be donated directly to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).
This compilation also features Lloyd, KIM!, TEC, $tupid Young, Bulova, Audio Push, PJ Morton, Sammie, Sonna Rele, Kevin Ross, Trevor Jackson, Jacob Latimore, iyla, Renz, Little Torment, Rotimi, Haiti Babii, Bohan Phoenix, Jackboy, UNOWAY, Jean Deaux, and Mozzy.