Raw Poetic Shares “Open Roads”

Laminated Skies (Def Pressé) is the new album by D.C. emcee Jason Moore, known to music listeners as Raw Poetic, set for release on March 18, produced alongside friend and frequent collaborator Earl Davis,, aka Damu the Fudgemunk, and featuring guest musicians Pat “P” Fritz on guitar and Luke Stewart on bass. Sessions for ‘Laminated Skies’ took place in the sweltering summer heat in 2019 at Windom Road studio in Brentwood, Maryland; with Damu’s production adding a tapestry of instrumentation including live and programmed drums, strings, vibraphone, kalimba, melodica, vinyl scratching, and synthesizers. Musically pulling from the genres that make hip hop; the multidimensional work also draws inspiration from Ralph Ellison’s novel The Invisible Man, spirituals, and their individual influences on which Jason says “I was an English major, Luke is a jazz bassist, Pat a classically trained guitarist, and Earl brought in a wealth of knowledge that funneled us through a direction that worked.”

He also adds, “’See I never see them elite’, are the first lyrics on the song. My mother always said she never liked people who think they are better than her. And neither do I. So it was my way of telling everyone who hears it, we are all allowed to have a voice. I was creating an open road for me to travel. Sound like no one, be yourself, and do what you feel.”