Raw Poetic Shares “Ease Side” Feat. Damu The Fudgemunk

At the tail end of 2022, Raw Poetic – the D.C. emcee Jason Moore and guitarist P-Fritz – released the astonishing Space Beyond The Solar System, an album filled with 17 tracks that bumped hard and took us all on a journey transcending Hip-Hop. Today, Raw Poetic shares the single “Ease Side,” which flows as smoothly as its namesake. Featured on the single is frequent collaborator Damu The Fudgemunk.

“Ease Side” is the new single off of the Raw Poetic album, Away Back In (Def Pressé), set to be released on 8/25/23. Moore’s ability to melodically narrate everyday life in the kaleidoscope of the modern world is uniquely matched by Fritz’s consistent taking listeners on a dark and mellifluous journey. Lead single “Ease Side” reignites and re-energizes the jazz elements of the duo’s recent work: P-Fritz’s smooth guitar riffs and bass lines lay the foundation for Raw Poetic to dissect the emotions of a worry-free relationship. In “Bird’s Eye,” an exploration of the chaos throughout the end of time, the guitars overdrive, creating a haunting echo, a contrasting mood to the album’s opening track. “Sometime After Midnight” questions the definition of racism in America. Raw Poetic continues to explore a wide array of beats, thoughts and ideas.