Post-Premiere: JOATA Shares New Single "Cambio"

The enigmatic Brooklyn by-way-of Connecticut Jose Oyola records and performs under the moniker JOATA, which seems to defy genre classification. Instead, JOATA leaps across various categories, pilfering elements from many to create a unique sound all his own. Self-described as blending “Hip-Hop and indie rock with Caribbean rhythms, writing bilingual anthems about love, outer space, and the homesickness of being part of the Puerto Rican diaspora” couldn’t be defined any better.
While the single was released May 26, at Midnight, it’s only fair to share his new massive track “Cambio” (change) today because the urgency of the track can’t be denied or ignored. The bass-driven track, along with a powerful vocal delivery coupled with politically-fueled lyricism should make this track a new favorite to many. “Cambio” is released ahead of a new EP coming out this fall.
(Photo: Studio Madness/Joseph B)

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