Papa M Returns To Share "Walking On Coronado"

When one thinks “David Pajo,” a number of things may come to mind: A founding member of the seminal post-punk band Slint; contributing musician for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, member of For Carnation, Zwan, Tortoise… the list goes on and on, and that’s not including his own Aerial M or the newly resurrected Papa M. Pajo releases his new Highway Songs on Drag City on November 11, 2016, his first solo album under the moniker in 12 years. Pajo has shared the instrumental track “Walking On Coronado.”

The album comes as a welcomed surprise, bursting with 9 tracks of Papa M creativity.
Track listing for Highway Songs:
01. Flatliners
02. The Love Particle
03. Adore, A Jar
04. DLVD
05. Coda
06. Walking on Coronado
07. Green Holler
08. Bloom
09. Little Girl