Onry Ozzborn To Drop DUO on 3/25/16

With a career that began as a solo artist, Onry Ozzborn also cut his teeth with the northwest collective Oldominion and then later moving on to form Grayskul and Dark Time Sunshine, Ozzborn releases his 9th solo album (10th if you count his release as the Gigantics) March 25, 2016 on Fake Four, Inc.
Last month Onry Ozzborn did something this writer hasn’t seen before, creating “Duofilm,” a video medley of tracks off of his forthcoming Duo, his album which features duets on every track. He’s reached into his phone book listing and hit up his friends to make an album of crazed tracks which feature Rob Sonic, Aesop Rock, Sadistik, Pigeon John, Terra Lopez (Sister Crayon), Eligh, P.O.S. and so many more.
This is an album you just shouldn’t, or rather can’t, ignore.