Nick Kizirnis’ Transforms “Someone” With Help From Members Of Lung, Son Volt

For almost 20 years, guitarist/songwriter Nick Kizirnis has explored songs and styles ranging from Americana to pop, from rock’n’roll to experimental. He has worked with Tobin Sprout (Guided by Voices) and The Breeders (last years’ The Dirt Eaters for 4AD) as well as his own instrumental surf trio The Mulchmen and ’90s art-damaged grunge rockers Cage.

Since releasing his 10th album, The Distance, Kizirnis has seen his music shared across the U.S. and Europe, and has now begun releasing a series of singles reimagining his diverse catalog.

“Someone,” the Ohio-based songwriter’s second single of 2022, is a bedroom pop torch song with beautiful, plaintive vocals from Lung’s Kate Wakefield over a lo-fi blend of Bradley Coomes’ electronic beats and vintage drumming from Son Volt’s Mark Patterson.

Despite the move away from guitar, bass and drums to electronics and effects, the song’s message of undying love remains intact. As Wakefield sings “Am I someone you used to care about?” the song holds on to hope that love can endure any separation or challenge.

Kizirnis and producer/multi-instrumentalist Bradley Coomes decided to work together on “Someone” – a song that originally appeared on Kizirnis’ most recent album, The Distance – after Kizirnis released a “re-imagined” version of “Way to Me” from the same album in August.

“Someone” is out December 2 as a digital single on all streaming platforms and will be accompanied by a new lyric music video.