Nick Andre Shares “Life Is Awesome” featuring Lil B, Zion I & Casual

Co-founder of Slept On Records, San Francisco hip-hop producer Nick Andre shares “Life Is Awesome” featuring Lil B, Zion I & Casual. He’s been producing music for the last decade, working with Gift of Gab (Blackalicious), Lateef The Truth Speaker, Bicaso of Living Legends, Zion I, Lil B, Casual, Hanni El Khatib, Rob Sonic, Deuce Eclipse, and more.

“I love Casual and the squad. Thanks Nick for putting this legendary track together” – Lil B

“Really happy I was able to get these three Bay Area legends all on one track. Lil B set if off by sending me a dope verse and chorus And Zion I and Casual killed it as they always do.” – Nick Andre

“In terms of Bay Area Hip Hop..we are spanning decades and styles by clicking up with Lil B, Casual, and Nick Andre on the beats. You wouldn’t expect to hear Lil B on a song with me…but that’s the beauty of this song.” – Zion I