My Idea Share “Lily’s Phone”

My Idea share “Lily’s Phone,” the captivating and riotous final single from their debut album CRY MFER (Hardly Art), out this Friday, April 22.

‘Lily’s Phone’ was created in layers. I had made a voicemail with my friends announcing that this was, in fact, my phone, and that you should call me back. Nate heard this and made a track loosely based on the melody of the voicemail, except now the phone belonged to our friend’s dog who was trying to sell Nate drugs (I believe this is an actual dream Nate had),” says Konigsberg. “The final version of the song is literally about how I enjoy talking on the phone, which most people my age would not agree with. The rest of the song is made up of abstract facts about me and things going on around me, which is how I was writing at that time. It’s made up of catchy phrasing, swirls of words, and quickly changing topics because that’s where my brain was at at that time.”