Move Home ready new EP, play shows

Melodic emo rock quintet Move Home are set to release the follow-up to their freshman LP with the  Spare Nothing EP via Columbus-based indie label We Want Action on October  7, 2016. The new EP, like its predecessor, was produced by Micah Carli (formerly of Hawthorne Heights).
“After the first weekend session of recording And So It Begins, we all decided that future recordings would most likely be done with Micah,” says Move Home drummer Gary Adkins. “The atmosphere there was awesome. He’s so down to earth and great to work with. He took the time to get to know our songs beforehand and already had some production ideas ready when we got there. So when we decided to record again, going back to see Micah was pretty much a done deal.”
The sophomore EP also ushers in a new era for Move Home with new vocalist T.J. Gaddis.
“Having TJ really changed the dynamics. When T.J. joined this past winter, we had a few songs written but had been looking for a singer for a few months. He was able to jump in and write lyrics and harmonies that really blew us away. He’s such a talented guy.”
Additionally, the band are shooting a video to coincide with the release of the album’s first single.
Even as they put the finishing touches on Spare Nothing, the band continues to write new material.
“We have been writing some stuff even in the midst of working on this new record,” Adkins explains. “Things are a little darker musically and I like the way things are shaping up with TJ and Tony and the elements that they bring. I also love the direction of the new record. It encompasses elements of everything that we love as a band and individually. It’s really cool to hear something come together when everyone is from a relatively different background musically.”
“We are hoping to do another EP in the Spring or Summer of next year,” he added.
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Upcoming Shows:
September 24, Scarlet and Grey Café, Columbus, Ohio
October 7, Rumba Café, Columbus, Ohio (w/Hawthorne Heights)
October 22, Wooden Nickel Record Store, Ft. Wayne, Indiana
October 22, Third Street Dive, Louisville, Kentucky