MOSAICS share stream of Year Of Valor EP

Combining the songwriting strengths of Alt-J and the production agility of Four Tet and Apparat, MOSAICS are a San Francisco trio making music for the modern world in all its jittery, glittering glory. With unconventional guitar lines, overlapping samples, and intricate production, they marry artistry and accessibility to create a sound that comes across like an old friend after a long journey- transformed entirely, but warmly familiar.
While studying classical music together at Loyola Marymount University, guitarist Devon Kelts and producer Tyler Hill developed a strong friendship and a vibrant musical chemistry. After learning that the classical world was not for them, they pulled up the stakes and moved to San Francisco, where they soon started MOSAICS. With one self-produced EP and LP under their belt, the pair picked up Maryam Sadeghian, a vocalist and pianist hailing from Holister, California. Together, they finished their upcoming EP Year of Valor, set for release on May 20.
The band was formed with the ambition to paint sonic canvases with the mediums of modern technology. By following this principle and folding in organic inspiration, they have crafted their own method of songwriting that, by fully embracing the limitations of “bedroom production,” brings the art form to bold new ground. Naming Michael Hedges, David Bowie, Yeasayer, Moderat, Nine Inch Nails, and Radiohead among their chief influences, Mosaics have an ear to the past, but make music for the here and now.