Manslaughter 777 share “Gainax”

Manslaughter 777 (Lee Buford of The Body and Zac Jones of MSC) have shared the thundering new single “Gainax” from their forthcoming debut album as a duo, World Vision Perfect Harmony (Thrill Jockey), out Mar. 26th. “Gainax” utilizes a rolling tom pattern as a tonal drone that interplays with pitched bass drums to startlingly contrasting effects. As the percussion builds over a haunting atmosphere, Buford and Jones rupture the track into an intoxicating syncopation that blisters beneath their graveled drums.

Taken as a whole, World Vision Perfect Harmony is a cornucopia of rhythmic texture. Manslaughter 777 channels a deluge of kineticism into a web of syncopated grooves that are equally entrancing and provocative. The duo’s music is based primarily on drums and eclectic samples, shifting melodic ideas to the overtones and resonances of their respective percussive thuds or clicks. Buford and Jones incorporate hybridizations of live, sampled, and electronic percussion obscuring their boundaries while highlighting their specific tonal and timbral qualities. Audacious sound architects, Buford and Jones built an album that passionately revels in the world of rhythm. Manslaughter 777’s constructs glide as gracefully as they rumble. Together, they are a monument to the power of percussion.