Manslaughter 777 (mem. The Body, MSC) Share Single “ARC”

Manslaughter 777, the duo of Lee Buford (The Body) and Zac Jones (MSC), have shared the bracing new single “ARC” from their upcoming debut album World Vision Perfect Harmony (Thrill Jockey), out Mar. 19th. “ARC” demonstrates the duo’s striking use of percussive texture, invoking a hypnotic stasis of brisk drum breaks before splitting them wide open with bending and grizzly distorted hits.

Manslaughter 777 pulls together a vast array of disparate percussive traditions and patterns into a veil of dark, propulsive energy. The duo’s music is based primarily on drums and eclectic samples, shifting melodic ideas to the overtones and resonances of their respective percussive thuds or clicks. Buford and Jones incorporate hybridizations of live, sampled, and electronic percussion obscuring their boundaries while highlighting their specific tonal and timbral qualities. An alchemical balance of detailed and dynamic production guides each element to the fore in steady waves of relentless momentum.