Mad Anthony Shares Video "Little Love"

Cincinnati, Ohio’s own Mad Anthony have released the video for “Little Love”. The track is part of Mad Anthology-a project that features the band releasing new music each week for the entire year. From their blistering punk rock roots to uncharted territory in other genres (country, pop), Mad Anthology is about deepening the artist-fan relationship and pushing the boundaries of the conventional album and touring cycle.
Mad Anthony’s lead singer Ringo Jones on the song:
“”Little Love” is about putting your heart and soul into a project because you believe in it. For us, music is a labor of love and we never expect great riches or fame from making it. We make music because we have to, it keeps our hearts pumping and minds wandering. Every piece of love or encouragement we get in return fuels the fire to keep going.”

Directed by Jones, “Little Love” is just part of the band pushing themselves into exploration of emerging new media. Pursuing his MFA in Experience Design outside of the band, Jones also wanted to push Mad Anthony’s next batch of music videos in a new direction.
To maximize the viewing experience, watch the 360° video on Google Chrome, the YouTube app, and Mad Anthony’s Facebook page (click link below).
“Little Love” will released November 4.  You can buy this song and other tracks for Mad Anthology on the band’s website.