Lydia Loveless Shares Single “Runaway,” Announces New Album

Lydia Loveless today shared “Runaway,” a gently crushing standout single off their new album  Nothing’s Gonna Stand In My Way Again (Bloodshot Records), due out September 22nd, 2023. The  track opens with a floating piano chord, slowly building with detailed, multifaceted flourishes to a memorable chorus that showcases her powerhouse vocals: “I don’t like to run, I just like to run away.”  While Loveless’ lyricism often sparkles with her quick wit, this song is a stunning display of her raw vulnerability and propensity for honest, heart-wrenching writing.

“This was one of the very first songs I wrote for this record,” Loveless (she/her/they/them) explains. “I hated it, but my friend Amy was giving me assignments and pushing me to write my way through heartache while I was crashing on her couch. She would send me out with a notebook and tell me not to come back until I had something. Eventually, this one grew on me and is now actually my favorite to sing on the whole record. It’s deeply personal and gut-wrenching to perform. It’s about not wanting my relationship to end but knowing things weren’t ever going to improve. I’m especially proud of the instrumentation, particularly the guitar part at the end that had everyone calling me Mark Knopfler when I came out of the booth.”