Logan Lynn Shares Remix For ”Is There Anyone Else Like This In The World”

Last month, Portland’s iconic songwriter, producer, filmmaker, television personality, award-winning activist, and Out100 honoree Logan Lynn shared his 10th album, New Money, marking his label debut at the legendary Kill Rock Stars. Today, he returns with the shimmering Bright Light Bright Light remix of “Is There Anyone Else Like This In The World?,” a 90s club kid eargasm that takes the original to new, somehow even gayer, dancefloor heights. “Rave ’til dawn, bbs,” Lynn says. It’s just the latest in a series New Money remixes, following Xiu Xiu’s “Rich And Beautiful” and Plack Blague’s “Eat&Drink&Smoke&Shop&Fuck” edits, with more on the way from JD Samson, MAN ON MAN, and others.

Bright Light Bright Light has toured the world, opening for queer pop icons Cher, Elton John, Scissor Sisters and more — but Rod Thomas, the creative mastermind behind BLBL, is a queer pop icon in his own right. It was only a matter of “when” not “if” these two legendary artists would combine forces.

New Money, Logan’s 10th studio album, is a nine song testament to queer power, gay joy, and the belief that we will someday come back together; at shows, in crowds, and on the dance floor. Tackling themes of life in the face of suffering, Covid loneliness, and addiction recovery, lampooning New Portland and gentrification, the album is Logan’s infectious invitation to dance the last few years off.