Logan Lynn Shares Final Single From New Album

After a run of exuberant singles, Portland’s iconic songwriter, producer, filmmaker, television personality, award-winning activist, and Out100 honoree Logan Lynn finally released his new album New Money today via the legendary Kill Rock Stars. Lynn has shared the final glimpse of the album with “Is There Anyone Else Like This In The World?” where Logan muses on challenging aspects of life backed by his and producer Gino Mari’s signature electro-pop style. It’s a song about life carrying on in the face of suffering, navigating pandemic isolation and loneliness, and finding joy amidst all of the seemingly endless existential danger of the past few years. The accompanying video juxtaposes that message with vibrant imagery of a homoerotic fever dream, a nod to Logan’s roots in the early 90’s rave scene, his previous struggles with addiction, and the madness of queer adulthood.
Logan explains, “I’ve spent too much time with myself since Covid hit, but I actually think some of the loneliest times of my life were when I was surrounded by a ton of people.” He continues, “I spent many years feeling like a freak as a kid, and I was the only visibly gay person for miles at times growing up, so I’ve asked the univserse that question a lot. I do not think that this is a unique experience. I believe we all feel this way at times, if not always a little. It’s part of being human, and it’s for sure part of being queer. Freak pride! Let’s dance. Oh, and let’s eat.”

Returning to his electro-pop roots after collaborations with 80’s pop star Tiffany, The Dandy Warhols and Styrofoam, New Money is Logan’s 10th studio album, but first for Kill Rock Stars. Produced in collaboration with longtime co-writer Gino Mari and written at home over the course of 2020, the album is a nine song testament to queer power, gay joy, and the belief that we will someday come back together; at shows, in crowds, and on the dance floor. Tackling themes of life in the face of suffering, Covid loneliness, and addiction recovery, lampooning New Portland and gentrification, and including two tributes to his all-time musical heroes Liz Phair and Elliott Smith, New Money is Logan’s infectious invitation to dance the last few years off.