LEWIS Readies Sophomore Album For October

LEWIS, the emerging Los Angeles-based band led by Christopher Lewis (formerly of The Kinison) will release Growing Pains on October 20. Preorder the album here.

LEWIS’ 2020 debut release, Son on the Floor, overcame the challenging backdrop of a global pandemic and a tumultuous political climate to create a body of work that captures the essence of resilience and creative determination. Son on the Floor was tracked live with Christopher on guitar, recording with Sam West (on drums) after meeting him for the first time in the studio. The new album, Growing Pains, features tracks selected from Christopher’s prolific songwriting, an accumulation of close to 90 songs, which were demoed prior to tracking.

During COVID-19, Christopher Lewis joined forces with Paul Fig (Bluebird, Amen). Fig is best known for his work as a recording engineer for Alice and Chains, Deftones, Slipknot, Ghost, and, most recently, his production of Filth is Eternal’s new album. On Growing Pains, Christopher’s poignant lyrics and compelling vocals combine with Fig’s minimalist approach to his own guitar presence.

With Fig assuming the role of the band’s electric guitarist, LEWIS has cultivated a unique and evocative sound. Together with a dynamic rhythm section comprising Sam West (Stavesacre) on drums and Conner West (Conman Bolo) on bass, they have crafted a sonic tapestry that oscillates between thundering rhythms and ethereal guitar landscapes, seamlessly blending dreamy pop and rock elements.

The quintet, which includes Nathan Van Hala (West Indian Girl and Saviour Machine) on keys, Sam and Conner, as well as Christopher and Fig, has already begun road testing the new material at live shows, where audiences were captivated by LEWIS’ poetic songwriting and innovative sound. Performances promise to transport listeners on an unforgettable sonic journey, as the band showcases their collective pedigree, prowess, and the transformative power of their music.

LEWIS shared the first single from the album, “Meet You Where You Are” last week.

Check out the video by Sketchygoat here.

“It’s an ode to pleasantries—agreeable for decorum’s sake,” Christopher Lewis says. “The verses are essentially Midwestern imagery and the rest is me complying, for the sake of an amiable experience.”

Fig recalls, ”The imagery of the verses and dreamy chorus hooked me in pretty quick, and fleshing out Christopher’s acoustic demo flowed in an effortless way, and inspired me to create the chorus melody under Lewis’s vocal. The vibe and direction seemed to dictate itself and driving towards a dreamy grungy, jangly indie rock song.”

Catch LEWIS live:

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Photo by Jason LaVeris