Kyle Skye Shares New Track "Fear Not"

Minneapolis born singer/songwriter/producer Kyle Skye is limitless in his ability to dance between the parallels of Hip Hop and R&B. Growing up in North Minneapolis during the 90s, Kyle Skye learned there was more to life than “Murderapolis” had to offer. Kyle Skye grew up in a musical family, but his experiences with loved ones were short lived. With the sudden passing of his father’s mother, brother, and sister, Kyle Skye promised to never take life for granted. This was the flame that ignited him to begin a life of risk and artistic endeavor. While most youth his age played outdoors, Kyle Skye could be found tirelessly creating in his basement. Inspired by artists that transcended boundaries like Pharrell, Kanye West, and Prince; Kyle Skye grew ambitions to inspire others in similar fashion. He shares his new song “Fear Not” off the forthcoming Mint, dropping September 28, 2018 on Bay Laurel