Album Premiere: Kyle Skye Shares His Album 'MINT'

Rapper Kyle Skye is a bit of an anomaly. The Minneapolis born artist moves effortlessly between Hip-Hop and modern day R&B. Growing up in the 90s his influences ran the gamut of artists like Pharrell, Kanye West and the purple one himself. He gravitated to artistry itself that defined singular genre classification, which can be heard within his own music, his debut release MINT (Bay Laurel) dropping September 28, 2018.
Nothing seems to slow down Skye, even a near-death experience that left him in a coma for several days. That, and the passing of his grandmother, uncle and aunt was the flame that burned within, promising himself to never taking life for granted and focusing on it.
With MINT, Skye combines catchy rhythms, clever songwriting, and hard-hitting beats with deep bass lines which is sure to set the world ablaze.
About the new album, Kyle Skye says:
“Thankful to be alive. Proud of what this is. Excited for what it’s becoming. #MINT”