Kid Bloom Shares New Single “Walk With Me”

Indie-pop songwriter Kid Bloom (aka Lennon Kloser) has dropped his new single “Walk With Me,” a song that is both instantly familiar and unlike anything else. There is an immediacy to Kid Bloom’s voice that gives the track a propulsive energy, while a bouncy bassline and shimmering synths push up against the pensive lyrics, creating a dynamic tension that gets resolved by the single’s infectious, undeniable hook. “Walk with Me” is out today via Position Music and Kid Bloom shares, ““Walk with Me” is about a time I was in Turkey and I was walking barefoot back to where I was staying. I literally stumbled upon a broken porcelain box. It almost sliced my toe clean off. I still have nightmares about it but at the same time it brings back memories of a younger, simpler me.”  

The “Walk With Me” artwork was made by rising Venezuelan-Italian artist and illustrator Alessandro Casagrande. Kid Bloom released a beautiful live-action visualiser for the track on his YouTube Channel in which various versions of himself are painting the “Walk With Me” artwork.

Photo Courtesy: Diego Andrade