Kacey Johansing Shares New Single “Not the Same”

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Kacey Johansing has shared “Not the Same,” the second single off her forthcoming album, Year Away, out October 13th via Night Bloom Records, the label she runs alongside Alex Bleeker of Real Estate. The new single opens with swirling mellotron, lush harmonies and sparkling guitars providing a backdrop for the Johansing’s soaring vocals. On the song she says, “Sometimes old friends can hold you to old versions of yourself and not realize how much you’ve evolved and grown as a person. It’s also about people’s tendency towards taking what someone else is experiencing and making it about themselves. We can’t always relate and sometimes the best we can do is listen and witness a friend and allow them to be seen.”

Year Away traverses uncharted emotional landscapes brought upon by intense loss and isolation Johansing experienced in early 2020. A longtime touring member of Hand Habits and Fruit Bats, and a crucial collaborator in the flourishing Los Angeles folk scene, Johansing turned inward as her phone went silent. “I felt like a metamorphosis happened during that time. There was a lot of personal growth and healing” she recalls.

Photo Courtesy: Tim Ramsey