Jumbotron Shares "Whiskey Vinaigrette"

A musical amalgam of each member’s playlists, Jumbotron (husband/wife duo Ben Lebovitz and Regina Shvartsman) serve up tracks that possess elements of dance punk, art-rock, electro-rap and some WTF?!? Midi moments. Lebovitz writes most of the music as well as sings and plays guitar/bass. Shvartsman who is an accomplished musician, plays keyboards and sometimes adds Yoko style vocals in the backgrounds.
As for the group’s forthcoming self-titled EP via Public School Records, Jumbotron will be featuring label-boss/emcee Coolzey on several tracks. The musical chemistry between Coolzey and Lebovitz has been building for many years as Lebovitz was a partner in Ace Fu Records (Man Man, Pinback) who signed Coolzey’s first group, Sucka MC’s.
Check out the premiere for “Whiskey Vinaigrette” here:

To pre-order Jumbotron’s EP: https://publicschoolrecords.bandcamp.com
More info: https://www.facebook.com/jumbotronzzz