Julia Jackson Drops New Single From New Album ”Be Careful With Yourself”

Just ahead of her highly-awaited new album PRE PLEASURE, Australia’s Julia Jacklin shares a latest taste of the forthcoming album with new single, “Be Careful With Yourself.” PRE PLEASURE arrives this Friday, August 26 on Polyvinyl Record Co.

Driving guitars usher you into the hazy, dreamlike soundscape of “Be Careful With Yourself,” while Jacklin’s effortless vocals cut through rhythmic drums and airy harmonies. Equal parts honest and vulnerable, “Be Careful With Yourself” is a cathartic release and a love song for the ages.

The new album, Jacklin’s third, is a masterclass in songwriting and cements her status as one of the most important songwriters of our time. PRE PLEASURE was conceived upon returning home from a mammoth Crushing world tour, and finished in a frantic few months of recording in Montreal with co-producer Marcus Paquin (The Weather Station, The National). The 10-track offering sees Jacklin once again putting intensely personal thoughts and feelings to paper whilst expanding on her signature sound; and, at the same time, attempting to inject some joy back into the process.

“Once music becomes your job, you can lose the purity of music fandom. I spent the last two years trying to reconnect with that. I didn’t play much, I just listened. Especially to a lot of big pop music like Celine Dion, Robyn and Luther Vandross – music that wasn’t so heavy, big feelings, big production. You lose sight of what putting on a big, beautiful song can do.”

PRE PLEASURE reflects this source inspiration and showcase Jacklin’s willingness to explore new terrain as both a producer and songwriter, once again presenting her most authentic and genuine self and translating it into deeply personal, timeless songs. 

Photo Courtesy: Izzie Austin