Jordana Drops New Single Off Upcoming Album, “Catch My Drift”

Twenty-one year old artist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Jordana announces her sophomore record and official studio debut today. Co-produced by Cameron Hale and Jordana (who also performed every instrument on the record), Face The Wall will be out on May 20th via Grand Jury. With perseverance and self-discovery at its core, Face The Wall glistens as it finds Jordana coming to terms with everything, big and small, from pandemic isolation and depression to breakups to veganism to how her complicated relationship with faith is what ultimately led her to music despite that faith being at odds with her sexuality and own belief system. “The album title has a few meanings to me,” she explains. “Mostly, it’s about not giving up. The wall can be anything in your way. The album is a sort of reminder to myself that I have to face those things, and I can’t take the easy route and turn around.” The result is her most confident and kaleidoscopic work to date.

To celebrate the album announcement, Jordana shares the record’s lead single. The impossibly catchy “Catch My Drift” chronicles the dissolution of a blossoming romance. It starts with a watery guitar riff comparable to the Cure, but by the time the bridge hits, Jordana transports the listener back to Warped Tour circa 2006, where pop-punk reigned and the air filled with snide dismissals of former lovers. “This song is about going back and forth with your feelings for someone when they make you question whether they are even reciprocated,” Jordana explains. “The song is about realizing you shouldn’t be emotionally dependent on anybody, and that it’s just a waste of energy.”

Jordana has also announced that she will bring Face The Wall on tour this Spring for a series of headline shows and a support tour with Wallows. See below to find a show near you, and get your tickets HERE.

Photo Courtesy: Pooneh Ghana