Jordana Shares New Single ”Is It Worth It?”

Twenty-two year old artist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Jordana released her incredible new record Face The Wall this Summer,, and has been on the road non-stop since for her own headline dates, and tours with Local Nativesand Wallows. Before she heads back out on tour with Remi Wolf she shares a new single ”Is It Worth It?”. 

“Is It Worth It Now,” a perfect synth-pop song to soundtrack the waning days of Summer. Jordana explains of the track: “’Is It Worth It Now” is a song I wrote about taking control of your life mentally and emotionally, about questioning decisions and leaving self-pity and excuses behind.”

Jordana is a sonic chameleon, with every new release exploring a different and unexpected side of her musical palette, while remaining just as impressive and captivating as the previous one. Face The Wall, out now on Grand Jury, sees Jordana put her handmade, DIY indie pop charm to the side, in lieu of more polished pop bangers as she stepped into the studio for the first time. Jordana co-produced the album and performed every instrument heard on the record. With perseverance and self-discovery at its core, Face The Wall glistens as it finds Jordana coming to terms with everything, big and small, from pandemic isolation and depression to breakups to veganism to how her complicated relationship with faith is what ultimately led her to music despite that faith being at odds with her sexuality and own belief system. “The album title has a few meanings to me,” she explains. “Mostly, it’s about not giving up. The wall can be anything in your way. The album is a sort of reminder to myself that I have to face those things, and I can’t take the easy route and turn around.” The result is her most confident and kaleidoscopic work to date.

Photo Courtesy: Joél Verges