Jealous Butcher Records Set To Re-Release Albums From Longstocking, Infinite X

Jealous Butcher Records has announced three remastered LP reissues from Longstocking (ft. Tamala Poljak of Team Dresch, Automaticans) and Infinite X’s (ft. Jody Bleyle of Team Dresch, Hazel and ft. Tamala Poljak) due out February 5, 2021. 

Longstocking’s Once Upon a Time Called Now LP and Infinite X’s eponymous LP were originally released on CD by Olympia’s Chainsaw Records and will be available digitally and on vinyl for the first time. The early era of Longstocking is chronicled on the new compilation Singles and Demos: 1994—1998 due out the same dayAlongside the announcement, they’ve shared singles: Infinite X’s “Welcome to the Show” and Longstocking “Teenage Angst At 27”. 

Tamala Poljak (Oiler, Fleabag, Team Dresch, Automaticans) began their music career playing in the Los Angeles underground punk/noise scene, eventually becoming a contemporary of the PNW punk/queercore scene. Initially formed as a two-piece with Tamala Poljak and drummer Kevin Hair, the Longstocking Singles and Demos: 1994—1998 compilation features previously unreleased songs that capture a steady development towards the bold sound found on the band’s lone studio debut. 

A treasure of the queercore/riot grrrl era, Longstocking’s Once Upon a Time Called Now (1997) leaps from the speakers. Tamala’s eventual relocation to Olympia, while the rest of the band remained in LA, made it difficult to tour or continue and Longstocking parted ways soon after the album’s release. During this time, Tamala played and recorded with Team Dresch. From there, Queer punk-pop superheroes Infinite X’s formed as a collaborative project featuring Poljak along with Jody Bleyle (Team Dresch, Hazel), Whitney Skillkorn (Little Deaths, Fighter D), and Scotty Walsh (Automaticans). Produced by Richard Baluyut (Versus) and engineered by Alex Newport (Death Cab For Cutie, At The Drive-In), their self-titled LP is full of punk-pop energy and melodic gems. Inclusive, infectious and raw, the album is packed with pent-up angst and love songs to exes who changed your life.