Japancakes release first LP in nine years

Japancakes recently released their first album in nine years. Japancakes formed in 1996 out of marathon jam session in Athens, GA. Over the years, the improvisational and typically instrumental band (then, consisting of Eric Berg, Brant Rackley, Nick Bielli, Heather McIntosh, John Neff and Todd Kelly) released several memorable records on beloved indie labels, Kindercore Records, Warm Recordings and Darla Records. They caused quite a stir by releasing a cover of My Bloody Valentine’s classic album Loveless in 2007.
2016 brings a new direction for Japancakes with the addition of vocals from Carrie Clough (formerly of Call and Response). With Japancakes, each album feels cohesive with keeping the importance of song order to create an overall feel. This release, while more structured song styles, continues in that tradition. A change of scenery, having half the band living in Los Angeles, proved very useful for a fresh adventure for the band. New sights and sounds heavily influenced the making of this album. It was a long distance effort that is inspired by the atmosphere of both Los Angeles and Athens. This self-titled release brings some of the early electronic elements back in to play and lends to a more structured approach for Carrie to lend vocals on. The addition of Clough accomplished many goals for an album Japancakes has talked about for years. Her distinct vocals, imagery and lyrics provided an atmosphere that seem to fit the music perfectly. Her voice, along with the more electronic sound of the band, worked well to capture thoughts of life and travel through other dimensions. The album has a strange familiarity but feels like floating through space.
Throughout their career, Japancakes has toured both nationally and internationally, received coverage from Rolling Stone, Spin, Magnet, Stereogum, NPR and more. Japancakes music has been licensed for film, television and commercial use, including Chevrolet, HBO, Sprint, and several documentary films.