JAENKI Shares New Single "Done For"

Already lockstep with each other through their time together in a previous band, Kenn Jankowski and Ryan Wallace have been slowly putting together their latest project JAENKI.  Several singles and an EP later, JAENKI are hitting their stride now with the addition of Stephanie Perkins.
The Kansas City trio JAENKI have released their latest single “Done For”, which the same name of their upcoming EP.  The song is a sea change for the band; new wave influence has emerged with modern pop/rock production.
JAENKI says, “The new track, ‘Done For,’ is about never stopping, with a sci-fi yet plausible twist. It’s a reminder to never stop creating, to never stop moving, grooving, and thinking. It’s about progression. The EP describes equality, unmasking smoke screens, and allowing dreams to evolve. The music, for us, defines the different paths that led us, and others, to where they are and where they will be, resulting in a synth-heavy, hooked-laden experience of revelation.”