Illuminati Hotties Share Benefit Single "PPL PLZR"

The illuminati hotties, the Los Angeles indie-pop band fronted by Sarah Tudzin, have released a new single “ppl plzr” with all proceeds to benefit The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is a resource young people are able to reach out to within the LGBTQ community. It was founded in 1998 buy Peggy Rajski, Randy Stone, and James Lecesne.

About the single, illuminati hotties’ Sarah Tudzin says:

“What matters most about making art to me is expressing raw emotion through your medium at the pace that you’re feeling it. Although I’m not yet ready to walk you down the path of an album cycle, I AM feeling a moment. I have something to say about it, and I want to do that now while it feels most visceral in the hopes that you will be open to experiencing emotions with me in real time. “ppl plzr” was created a couple weeks ago, in a vacuum, at 4:30 AM, and the deluge of three delirious days that followed. Everything happened so quickly, and I couldn’t let it burn a hole in my hard drive for much longer.
This song only exists on Bandcamp currently. You can pay whatever you want for it and all proceeds will go to support The Trevor Project, an organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ young folks under age 25. Every person deserves the opportunity to be themselves – to BECOME themselves – and that often takes the care and support of the people around them and of organizations like this very special one.

I am so very thankful to Tim, Zach, Emily, Mike, Collin, and Jett for honoring me with their time and efforts – I flashed the bat signal, and my biggest heroes answered.”