Hussey shares "Runner Up" from third LP

Hussey (Nathan Hussey of All Get Out) has released the third single from his upcoming full-length, Hitchens, which dropped last Friday.

“Runner Up,” Nathan’s delicate vocals combine with a reverb-soaked electric guitar to follow a classic four-four beat kept steady on a lone kickdrum, creating one of the most intimate moments on Hitchens. Hussey has succeeded in creating the perfect soundscape for one of the few tracks on the album on which he looks inward rather than writing from an observational point-of-view.
This latest single is a shining example of the beauty in simplicity. As Nathan points out regarding “Runner Up,” “musically it was nice to step out of the normal structure of a song. It just kind of bookends itself open and shut and is, hopefully, easily digestible for the first time listener.”