Hooveriii Drops New Single “Dreaming”

Los Angeles-based Hooveriii have revealed the newest tease of their October 13 album Pointe, being released via The Reverberation Appreciation Society / Levitation. Featuring vocals by the band’s Alice Wallace “Dreaming” is an epic future-folk experimentation, and also the album’s closer.  Bert Hoover describes the track as, “the border where dreams become nightmares, a lullaby of contradictions, a love song? A little homage to Angelo Badalamenti.” 

Hooveriii will be playing songs off the new album as well as fan favorites as they hit the road as the direct support for Mudhoney next week. Hooveriii previously opened for them on their 2022 European tour. The dates kick off October 12 in Tacoma, WA and makes stops in New York City at Le Poisson Rouge on October 28 and at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles on November 14.  The run concludes in Seattle with a two-night stop at The Crocodile Showroom on November 19 (21+) and November 20 (all ages). 

In creating Pointe Hoveriii found themselves drawn to the sounds of ‘60s psychedelic act Pisces to Phil Lynott’s solo releases and pioneering electronic acts like Tangerine Dream. The end result is a collection of songs that is perhaps their most accessible yet.  Thematically the album explores the phenomenon of time, specifically the moment leading up to each decision where, for a brief instant, there are infinite possibilities that have yet to be distilled into a singular outcome.  

“Every record is kind of a response to the last record and I like listening to people’s discographies like that,” Hoover explains. “When we finished A Round Of Applause we were in rock mode playing with a lot of rock and psych bands and I was really thinking about what do you do with a fourth record?” The answer turns out to be something more esoteric and less predictable than a guitar-driven album while retaining the core of the band’s sound, which has made the Los Angeles-based act such an exciting act to watch evolve.

Pointe is an album that references the past while stretching toward an unknown future. “I think that our intuition going forward is to keep ourselves surprised and keep people who like us surprised, hopefully without isolating anyone,” he adds. 

More than anything else Pointe feels like a full circle moment for Hooveriii, which has evolved from a bedroom solo project into an expansive band that features an army of talented musicians and contributors. “In a lot of ways, Pointe feels like an epilogue to one phase of the band and a prologue to the next one,” Hoover says of how the band’s latest release fits into their musical catalog. Pointe is a collection of songs that weren’t recorded in a linear fashion but that fit together in a way that feels almost cosmic in nature. In other words, it’s Hooveriii at their most creative and undistilled. “I don’t really care about trying to push the envelope forward,” Hoover admits, looking back at the long road leading up to completing the album. “I care about making a good record that sounds cohesive—and I feel like with this one, we did a good job.” 

Photo Courtesy: Alex Bulli