Hinds Announce Anticipated New Album, Share Single “Good Bad Times”

Madrid-born and bred quartet Hinds announced their third album, The Prettiest Curse. On this new record, Hinds take a quantum leap forward as a band and shrug off any remaining lo-fi accusations, finally harnessing the full extent of their pop prowess and unleashing songs which sound bigger, bolder, and more complex than anything they have done before, while still remaining true to their girl-gang, garage rock roots.

Following “Riding Solo” which Hinds released at the end of 2019, “Good Bad Times” off of The Prettiest Curse was dropped yesterday.  Offering a fitting intro to the forthcoming record’s emotional landscape: melancholy yet joyful, weary yet defiantly wide-eyed, “Good Bad Times” is a long-distance serenade lit up in air harmonies and shimmery guitars, and is out now alongside an incredibly kitschy Jean Lafleur-directed video, featuring Hinds as the superheroes that they truly are.