Hinds Share Video For Latest Single “Burn”

Beloved Madrid band Hinds released their glorious beast of a third album, The Prettiest Curse, last month on Mom + Pop to critical acclaim. The band has released the video for “Burn” and celebrated its release with fans over a video premiere party, “The Prettiest Zoom,” which included both band + producer Jennifer Decilveo for a Q&A.

On the video for “Burn,” the band says, “Burn’ is about inner strength, overcoming what’s ugly, making it yours and owning it. this song is the rage you feel after you fall or when you fight against something that feels out of your hands. this song is about cleaning yourself of old habits, of vice and trauma before you stand up and keep fighting again. this song is about making your skin thicker so it doesn’t break that much. cause as musicians, we work with our feelings. and that’s why it hurts so much to have to learn how to feel without a heart.   

On The Prettiest Curse, Hinds take a quantum leap forward as a band and shrug off any remaining lo-fi accusations, finally harnessing the full extent of their pop prowess and unleashing songs which sound bigger, bolder, and more complex than anything they have done before, while still remaining true to their girl-gang, garage rock roots. “We have this incredible job, but it’s really transformed the way we live,” says Carlotta Cosials, explaining the album title. “We know we’re not going to stop, so we’ve decided to embrace it—to see this curse as something pretty.” Featuring songs performed in Hinds’ native tongue for the first time, The Prettiest Curse was produced by Jennifer Decilveo and is positively bursting with life, finding Hinds at their very best yet.

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