Hercules & Love Affair Share New Single “One”

Art dance phenomenon, Hercules and Love Affair is set to release their first album in five years, the highly anticipated new album In Amber on June 17 via BMG. They have now unleashed brand new single “One”, a ferocious, vital composition with lynchpin collaborator ANOHNI and outstanding drummer Budgie (Siouxsie and the Banshees). A powerful clarion call to the othered and disenfranchised, “One” rides in on a wave of tribal beats as ANOHNI’s singular, cinematic vocals urgently call upon ancient Pagan forces in the universe to rise up against the patriarchy and renew.

“Anohni and I wrote this song with the hope of further empowering young trans, queer and feminine spirits,” shares Andy Butler. “The lyrics speak of being othered, cast out, and voice the incisive clarity that children often have in such circumstances, their accursed magic. The song speaks to the ascent of the child spirit in the face of such adversity, recognizing an integration of their experience as whole embodied and fortunate beings. The choruses speak of Nature, now Destroyer, asserting Her rights as the sole authorship of creation. Anohni embraces the volatile power of Nature as a symbolic resource of power that queers and witches have often felt aligned with. The microcosm reflects the macrocosm, and queer and feminine people are called upon to rise up “Rise up… seek your truth… remember, no more dying” in the likeness of Nature, Herself maligned by patriarchal forces. as she emerges in  full possession of her wrath, forging a brutal renewal.”

The genesis of In Amber was a long-held desire to explore emotional fields outside of the well-worn tropes in electronic music, as well as a chance to explore a striking new sonic palate. The end result is something visceral yet organic, deeply moving, and infectious – the troubled ghost trapped inside the whirring, shiny machine.

Photo Courtesy: Niki Moens/ANOHNI